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The purpose of email discussions is to share information about medicines and practice in NSW public hospitals. NSW TAG members are encouraged to respond to email discussion requests for information. However it should be noted that information is only a current snapshot at the time the response is sent. The responses received are only representative of the hospitals participating in the discussion at the time (which may be small depending on the topic) and do not indicate a complete picture of current practices. It is recommended that email discussion topics are regularly brought to the attention of DTC meetings as they are likely to facilitate discussion of contemporary and emerging medicines and practice.

  • Open email discussions

    A member has raised concerns surrounding managing medication supply disruptions. NSW TAG would like to enquire whether any hospitals/LHDs have developed a checklist outlining steps involved in implementing therapeutic alternatives when there are medication shortages. Please respond via email, by COB Wednesday 27 May, to the following questions:

    1. Is there a protocol/checklist your hospital/LHD follows when faced with a medication shortage? If so, please detail. If not, would it be valuable if one was available/developed?
    2. Is there a designated person or team responsible for managing medication supply disruptions and/or approving therapeutic alternatives? If so, please describe
    3. What are the biggest gaps experienced or barriers faced when trying to manage medication shortages?
    4. What solutions/strategies have you implemented, or do you think or think should be developed, to help overcome them?
    5. Other comments welcome

Completed email discussions can be found here (members only).

Access to completed email discussions is only available to NSW TAG members. Please note, members should not share or pass on identifiable information to non-NSW TAG members. Non-NSW TAG members who are interested in an email discussion topic may obtain de-identified email discussions by contacting NSW TAG at

A list of the current open email discussions is shown below.

  • Recently Completed Email Discussions

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    • Use of very high cost medicines in those transitioning from paediatric to adult hospitals
    • Are there safety issues associated with various metaraminol products?
    • Dantrolene stocking for malignant hyperthermia
    • Formulary status of lidocaine 0.4% infusion bags
    • Prescribing nutritional feeds and supplements


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