NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group promotes quality use of medicines to NSW hospital-based clinicians and the wider community. Although some information is freely available, other NSW TAG webpages and resources (e.g. information-sharing activities such as email discussions, protocols and guidelines) can only be accessed by NSW TAG members.

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Clinicians working in NSW public hospitals who have an interest in quality use of medicines and/or the operation of Drug and Therapeutics Committees are eligible for access to all NSW TAG webpages and resources. We encourage all clinicians working in NSW public hospitals to apply for NSW TAG membership using their work email address. Join NSW TAG here.

Public hospitals in jurisdictions outside NSW and private hospitals in Australia. There is a small annual fee associated with affiliate membership. Once affiliate membership for an organisation is approved, all clinicians working within that individual organisation will be eligible to access all NSW TAG webpages and resources as well as receive NSW TAG’s weekly newsletter of relevant QUM and DTC information and activities, TAG Mail.

If you would like to become an affiliate member please complete and return either the public or private hospital application forms.

To find out whether your organisation is already an affiliate member please contact NSW TAG.

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