High Risk Medicines

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Resources relating to high risk medicines

This information-sharing repository should assist hospitals in the development of local resources required to comply with the NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive on High Risk Medicines Management (PD2019_058).





Protocols and Guidelines (members only)

Please note that all information is only current at the time it is posted and individual hospitals should be contacted to ascertain current policies and practices.

A number of hospitals and LHDs have indicated that their guidelines are currently under review. We would encourage all hospitals to send their material to NSW TAG as it becomes available so that it can be shared on this web page.

Information sharing occurs on the understanding that due acknowledgement will be given to the original source. Permission should be sought from the original source before any policy, protocol or guideline is used or applied in another setting.


A: Anti-infectives

P: Potassium and other electrolytes

I: Insulin

N: Narcotics and other sedatives

C: Chemotherapeutic agents

H: Heparin and anticoagulants

Other general high risk medicines resources