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The purpose of email discussions is to share information about medicines and practice in NSW public hospitals. NSW TAG members are encouraged to respond to email discussion requests for information. However, it should be noted that information is only a current snapshot at the time the response is sent. The responses received are only representative of the hospitals participating in the discussion at the time (which may be small depending on the topic) and do not indicate a complete picture of current practices. It is recommended that email discussion topics are regularly brought to the attention of DTC meetings as they are likely to facilitate discussion of contemporary and emerging medicines and practice.

  • Open email discussions

    Please provide email discussion responses to NSW TAG

  • Brexpiprazole packaging look alike

    A member has raised concern regarding look-alike Brexpiprazole packaging, particularly the 1mg and 2mg packaging. Please see below attachment which also includes pictures and possible risk management strategies. Before we write to the company, we would like to know whether you have any other concerns with this product or would like to feedback about risk management strategies. Please respond to NSW TAG by COB 27/9/21.

    Similar packaging_Rexulti brexpiprazole_for consultation Sept 2021

  • Need for patient information leaflet for dexamethasone use in COVID-19?

    A member has enquired whether there is a need for a patient information leaflet for dexamethasone use in COVID-19, especially perhaps for the CALD population?

    We’d be grateful for a response to NSW TAG by COB 30th September 2021

  • Streamlining access to S8 medicines (e.g. when required for emergencies)

    A member has made an enquiry about how other hospitals streamline access to Schedule 8 medications e.g ketamine, fentanyl if they are needed for intubation in an emergency situation.

    Do they store any schedule 8 medications in the resuscitation bag or is it only kept in the DD storage unit?

    Does anyone have any  guidelines/protocols that they could share?

    Please respond to NSW TAG by COB 30th September 2021.

Completed email discussions webpage here (members only).

Access to completed email discussions is only available to NSW TAG members. Please note, members should not share or pass on identifiable information to non-NSW TAG members. Non-NSW TAG members who are interested in an email discussion topic may obtain de-identified email discussions by contacting NSW TAG at

A list of the recently completed email discussions is shown below.

  • Recently Completed Email Discussions

    • Request for translated COVID-19 medicines information leaflets and consent forms
    • Issues related to patient self-funding of medicines
    • COVID-19 Vaccine reagent testing
    • Problematic access to National Blood Authority products for non-approved indications
    • Clinical training in medication safety (for accreditation purposes)
    • Consent for use hazardous medicines in non-cancer conditions
    • Impact of NSW Health PD 2005_395 Drugs-Funding Arrangements for Outpatient Use of High Cost Drugs Not Funded by the Commonwealth
    • Hospital use of paracetamol products
    • Access to anticoagulation (e.g. fondaparinux) for VITT management
    • Guidelines for Opioid Stewardship and Choice of Opioids used in Pain Management (acute & chronic)
    • HYDROmorphone standard and potential development of tools
    • Preparation and administration of small paediatric doses of enoxaparin
    • Safe use of Fleet enema
    • Oral budesonide provision to outpatients
    • Evidence of non-pharmacist medication review during hospitalisation
    • Issues and practice points to include in a Sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitor (SGLT2i) standard or consensus statement
    • Anaesthetic failures with bupivacaine
    • Oral paediatric phenobarbitone & diazepam products
    • Availability of medical grade freezers and storage of Cervagem
    • Familiarity with use of NSMC during downtime
    • Life Saving Drug Register (LSDR) feedback
    • Use of aromatherapy in active labour
    • Use of brentuximab
    • Formulary Status of IR Tapentadol

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