Life Saving Drugs Registers

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The purpose of the Life Saving Drugs Register (LSDR) for NSW and ACT public hospitals is to provide indicative stock holding information of life saving drugs (LSDs) in hospitals, their location within the hospital and hospital contact details so that this information can be shared with other hospitals within NSW and the ACT.

For the purposes of the LSDR, LSDs are considered to be antidotes, antivenoms and other drugs that may treat infrequent potentially fatal illnesses e.g. hereditary angioedema, that would not be normally stocked as formulary items. The register is provided in two databases: one for antivenoms and one for antidotes (or other life saving infrequently used drugs).


  • iTRACC geo-mapping app that contains above LSDR data

    Click here to access (login required) the ACI’s Institute of Trauma and Injury Management web-based information system supporting Trauma, Retrieval And Critical Care across NSW – iTRACC.

    iTRACC acts as a central repository for multiple critical care databases (including NSW TAG member data from the LSDRs) placed on live Google mapping – click here for further information and background to the app development.


It is essential to obtain early advice on the management of snakebites, spiderbites and poisonings from the Poisons information centres in Australia, they are staffed by specialist pharmacists 24 hours a day, who are able to refer to clinical toxicologists for medical advice. Telephone 13 11 26 (Australia).


The NSW TAG Life Saving Drugs Register is maintained by NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group Inc. as a service to member hospitals. It is intended only as a mechanism for information sharing. It does not provide recommendations about either appropriate stock levels or clinical management for emergency situations. Details have been provided by hospitals in NSW and ACT and are usually updated annually, however, updates may also occur when information is provided by a hospital.

Stock levels quoted in the Register are based on reports received from NSW TAG member hospitals. These stock levels will not necessarily be actually held at all times. For more detailed information about actual stock holdings at a particular time, and access to stock in emergency situations, please contact individual hospitals.

For LSDs not on the register: The Commonwealth Department of Health holds a small range of life saving drugs for public health emergencies (e.g. botulinum antitoxin) which can be accessed through the NSW Ministry of Health – for more information , please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.




Page last updated 31 July 2023